Welcome back me! Introduction

Hello Readers!

I’m Ash! Welcome.

A unique girl.

Still in school.


Late all the time.

Yep. A nice person.

The last 5 sentences are a poem. I do have some talents! Instruments playing or at least Singing (I love music!). It is not my first time so… I have to admit that It is nice to meet you all! Hope we get along!

Bye and have a good day!


38 thoughts on “Welcome back me! Introduction

  1. Dear Asheryn,
    This is such a good and well put together poem. What instrument do you play?
    Dana ( 25danab.edublogs.org )

  2. G’day Ash,
    Interesting introduction! What is it that makes you a nice person in your eyes?

  3. star

    star: I liked the detail you give me about yourself
    wish: I wish it was longer
    wonder:I wonder how long it took you to write it

  4. Hi Ash,
    I loved your blogs you’re so funny and I wonder something how old are you and which grade are you in?

  5. Hi Ash, Firsly you are right you are a good person, I am writing from Turkey,Izmir. I am so excited to right you your avatar is very good. I can’t right too much sorry. But thank you byeee😜😜😇


  6. Dear Ash,
    Hey there Ash,I am from the USA. I loved your poem it sounds like your are very talented.
    What kind of music do you listen to and what instrument do you play?

    Best Wishes-Ben

  7. I love to sing as well! Music is definitely one of my enjoyments. I also play sports and love talking to my friends and having lots of laughs.

  8. Hi, Ash, my name is Rosa I am an 8th grader I also enjoy music but don’t play any instruments. I thought this post was really good and I enjoyed it what is your favorite song?

  9. I love that you are able to sing, what is your favorite instrument to play. My favorite was the French Horn I wasn’t good but I still love to play.

  10. Dear Asheryn,
    It’s good that you have an interest in music. What’s your favorite song to sing, or instrument to play?

  11. Hello my name is Macie Clark we sound a lot alike i also hope that we get along

  12. Hi Ash,
    What a wonderful way to introduce yourself! We used wordclouds to introduce ourselves. Don’t worry about being late all the time. Some people in our class are exactly the same!
    What level are you in at school?
    Please visit our blog http://lovetoblog.global2.vic.edu.au/
    Look forward to hearing from you again,
    From your fellow bloggers!

  13. I like how you added good detail on how you like music. I wish you would of told me why you did you post in poem form? I wonder what instrument you play? P.S. I think ash is a cool name
    Check out our class blog:http://blog.elanco.org/cstraub/

  14. wow that’s a good poem, i LOVE MUSIC TO, I LIKE THE MUSIC FROM XXXTENTATION!

  15. Hi Ash your poem is really nice I don’t play a instrument I like the piano and the violen I also hope you have a really nice day.


  16. i like that you gave me a lot of deatal iwish you told me how old you ar i wonder what your favroit animal is

    1. and by the way come visit my blog here is the linkhttp://blog.elanco.org/esbenssl/

    2. Hello Shelvia,
      thank you and I think I rather keep my age a secret but I can guarantee you that I love Koala and Panda.
      Bye and have a good day!

  17. Hi Ash,
    It was so fun to read your introduction! I’m really interested in learning about how many instruments you can play. What instruments do you play? I’m hoping to visit your blog again soon and read your posts!


  18. Hi I’m Vesta I love music too!! I play the piano and sing! What type on musical instrument do you play.

    1. Hello Vesta,
      I play the Piano, Violin, Ukulele and sing as well.
      Bye and have a good day!

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