About…”Mona Lisa”

Mona Lisa is a painting made by Leonardo Da Vinci, a famous artist or painter. Mona Lisa’s real name was actually Lisa Del Giocondo, she used to be Leonardo’s poser until she was traded with a female slaves trader or also known as Lisa’s husband…namely,

Francesco del Giocondo.

She was married for 42 sad years which shown a depressing smile in the painting. Nowadays, the painting which is located in “Louvre Museum, France” is very expensive. It cost 100 million USD and in 2016…about over 600 Million USD.

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16 thoughts on “About…”Mona Lisa”

  1. Hi, Ash!
    Where did you find that information about “Mona Lisa”?
    Mrs. Wohlafka
    STUBC Commenter

  2. Hi, Ash!
    Wherever you got it from on the Internet is the opposite of what was on Wikipedia. Can you tell us where on the Internet you got it?

    1. Hello,
      from many useful links and just only very less from Wikipedia. there are like the truth behind Mona Lisa and about Mona Lisa.

      1. Dear Ash,
        In “The Economic Times” on 8/19/17, in an article “Mona Lisa Smile: Family secrets, slave trade and shame behind Lisa Gherardini’s iconic pose”, it says, “…Del Giocondo [Francesco] kept slave girls to serve as maids throughout his life…” I found nothing about Lisa being kept by him as a slave.

        On http://www.history101.com/ in an article “There may be a legit reason Mona Lisa looks so…depressed” by Samuel Clemens, it says, “One medical director, Mandeep R. Mehra, believes that all of her slightly odd features may be attributes of hypothyroidism…Apparently, hypothyroidism makes it über hard to crack a smile.” I found nothing about her being depressed because of being married for 42 sad years.

        Please cite the exact sources where you found the information about Lisa being a slave and having a sad marriage.

        1. Dear Mrs Wohlafka,
          To tell you the truth, I couldn’t remember which links I used but I remember …changing words and not copying so it might look like my post was based on the pieces of information of the links.

  3. Hi Ash! My name is Kaylie, and I enjoyed reading your post about the Mona Lisa. I didn’t really know anything about the Mona Lisa until I read your post. All that I knew is that it was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. Do you know what year it was painted in, because I am curious on that. Anyway, maybe you could check out my blog at https://2024knk.edublogs.org and leave a comment.

    1. Hello Kaylie,
      thanks, the internet just help me to find out Mona Lisa and it was painted in 1503.

    2. Note: I forgot to mention that! thank for reminding me.
      Dear Kaylie…
      it was painted in 1503.

  4. Hello Ash, I am Parker. I find the facts you told about the Mona Lisa interesting. I didn’t know that she was traded through slave trading!! I have a little question for you. After Mona Lisa was traded did she become a slave? One final question is did they ever find out who she was married to? You can respond and ask me questions @ http://2024ptl.edublogs.org !!!

    1. Hello Parker!
      Thanks! it is quite possible that she became a slave and yes, she was actually married to a merchant.

  5. Hello, Ash
    Reading this post was quite interesting. I never really knew the Mona Lisa’s real name and her really, really depressing life. I also really like the font used to write this post.

  6. Hi Ash sory I am late but here is my response to your question. So in the Bible it states that after death Jesus went down to where Satan dwells not for punishment for battle. At the third day (Easter) he arose from the grave victorious against death therfore conquering the grave. Hope that answered your question! Remember you can reply @ http://2024ptl.edublogs.org !!! Thank You!!

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